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Help with Using the System

First of all please login, using the login form top right.


Click on the tabs to view the "Complete list", "Overdue list", "Due for Renewal list" or "History".
Use the search fields to search for all or part of the term in the relevant field. "Text search" searches all fields.
For more search options press "More Search Options".

Listing "More" and "Cert" Buttons

To view the calibration history or edit the equipment status click the "More" button in the "Action" column.
To view the calibration certificate click the "Cert" button in the "Action" column.

Heading Arrows

Click the column heading arrows to sort by that column.

Colour Coding

 In Use & Not Expired
 In Use & Calibration Expired
 In Use & Calibration Due For Renewal
 In Use & at Compli
 Not In Use

Mobile View

For loading speed and ease of reading the mobile view switches in on devices less then 1024 pixels wide.
To come out of mobile view: Open menu then select "Switch to Full View".
To come out of Full View whilst on a mobile device you must close the browser to start the session again.
The mobile view search searches ALL fields including the certificate number.

Quality System Accreditations

UKAS ISO/IEC17025:2017 accreditation certificate
UKAS ISO/IEC17025:2017 accreditation schedule
ISO9001:2015 Certificate